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talent is our most valuable asset.
every face comes with thoughts, perspectives,
imagination and discipline.
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full services that adapt to the times and evolve with consumers use and needs.


we are a boutique-style, full services agency founded in 1994,
providing digitally focused, integrated communications
services that deliver effective and cost efficient
campaigns for our partners.

We are a digitally driven and
very social marketing firm,
staying sharp for over
25 years.

Protege tu Dúo

standing out in a month of sameness

While everything in October turns pink as we promote breast cancer awareness, we
set out to create impact with a message that was as unexpected for the occasion as
for the very conservative and traditional Hospital. We created a campaign that
showcased famous duos, simbolizing women's breasts and the importance of
having your mammography.

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The campaign ran for 3 weeks, creating outstanding results!

  • an increase of over 80% in mammogram appointments
  • over 500,000 impressions in Facebook
  • non-paid media value of over $100,000
  • new donations for the "Adopt a Patient" program at the
    hospital's cancer center.
Haití Se Pone de Pie

pro bono made to shine

After the devastating 2010 earthquake that left over 500,000 dead and +6,000
amputees, people were forgetting the sad reality and extreme poverty prevailing
just a few miles away in another Caribbean Island. We put together an extraordinary
team and created a 15 minute documentary that revived this foundation dedicated
to providing surgery and prosthetics to people in Port au Prince.

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The foundation was able to remind people, raise thousands
of dollars through a private screening and subsequent
sharing in social media. Today, Haiti se Pone de Pie is still
providing services, 9 years later and the documentary
won an Emmy as best for a non-profit campaign in 2016.

Haití Se Pone de Pie

transforming abandonment into a trending
place through social media

After years of abandonment, this mixed use development in the heart of San Juan,
that had been a focus of gentrification and later bankruptcy, is bought by a new
investor and we begin the difficult process of reconciling the project with the
community, changing past perceptions, and making a trendsetting brand,
through the use of social media. We created a socially responsible brand,
giving Ciudadela a voice that reacted to what was happening and
dared to say what others would not.

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The results:

  • 154 apartments sold in 12 months in a completely
    stagnant real estate market, and the construction and
    completion of a third phase, with 250 apartments sold
    in less than 3 months!

We had created a love mark.

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