In 2014, Governor Fortuño left office having recently signed a tax incentive
program for investors to export services from the Island, and investors who
relocate to Puerto Rico, known as Act 20 and Act 22. The challenge was to
make this program known to people in the United States and abroad, make
the Island attractive to them, and be able to work with a new government
from a different party, that had “inherited” the program.


Through a collaboration with the Department of Economic Development and
Commerce, and support from private companies who could help promote the
20/22 program, we embarked in this new field of grand scale corporate events. We
created a brand - Puerto Rico Investment Summit- and held the first event joining
Government, Tax Lawyers, CPA’s, local businesses and investors already making
the move to Puerto Rico, for a two-day conference.


The results were quick and impressive. With a growing interest from investors outside of
Puerto Rico, and professionals in the Island, the program continued to attract investors.

  • The Puerto Rico Investment Summit became the premier
    investment conference in the Island.
  • We included a Latin American Summit, and smaller
    presentations in New York.
  • The event grew from 225 attendees in its 1st edition, to over
    750, when it was put on hold due to the pandemic.
  • Key speakers have included John Paulson, Nicholas Prouty,
    Brock Pierce, John Helmers, Walter Keenan, President Sebastián
    Piñera from Chile, and Rudy Giuliani, among many others.
  • Over 1,200 investors made the move and are part of the 20/22
    community, as it came to be known.