We do a lot. Really.

We are digitally powered. Creatively motivated. Strategically driven.
Adworks keeps your brand connected and relevant, through powerful digital
advertising, strong communications efforts and knowledge-based strategy.

And in these times of change, we are building on the challenges, evolving, and
creating extraordinary things in all traditional advertising and digital platforms.

In an ever-changing market, we focus on education as a pillar of the company,
helping people stay ahead, continue learning, and positioning our clients with
the latest trends.

Strategic Thinking

Strategy is the foundation for effective communication and the
driving force of our work. Careful research, street smarts, competitive
analysis, market knowledge, and experience guide this platform.

Digital Focus

This creatively inspired advertising and communications firm is fully
powered by digital knowledge. In a world where you need to stay relevant
and connected, we are set on enhancing your character, developing
strong pillars and delivering creative solutions.

  • Strategy development
  • Social Media Management
  • Brand Pillars and Character
  • Content Management
  • Creative Development
  • Video content
  • Social Media Ad Planning & Buying
  • Reports and Optimization
  • Website development
  • Programming
  • Digital Media Buying

Creative Development

Brands look for great creative but mostly, they want effective ideas. Sure,
awards look great in our conference room, but keeping you ahead in
business speaks louder. Our creative team takes time to develop
and create good concepts that will ultimately help your business,
and why not- our ego. We make you look good.

  • Concept development
  • Brand development
  • Brand identity
  • All media campaigns
  • Packaging
  • TV, Cinema, Print and
    Radio (we still have to!)
  • Guerrilla

Public Relations

Public relations is key to visibility, relationships, and why not, effective
digital presence. Whatever your voice is in social platforms, can
be multiplied and gain credibility with the support of media relations,
social responsibility programs and events, among others.

  • Media Relations | Earned Media
    • Media events, Media training,
      interviews, press releases
    • News monitoring and analysis
  • Internal Communications
    • Employees, management,
      and stakeholders
  • Issues & Crisis Management
  • Community Relations
  • Strategic Alliances and Integration
  • Reputation Management
  • Corporate and Public Affairs


We believe that events are a good as the experiences they create. For the past
20 years we have focused on creating experiences for a wide variety
of clients, including the creation of our own, proprietary corporate
event, the Puerto Rico Investment Summit, that became the
leading investment conference in the Caribbean.

Puerto Rico Investment Summit
View Case Study Puerto Rico Open

We have partnered with local event producers – PR Events- to create a memorable experience
before and during the last 7 FedEx Cup tournaments in Puerto Rico. Through social media,
marketing and public relations, we enhance on-site experiences, and spread the word beyond
tournament week. Our social media performance ranks among the best in engagement, compared
to other PGA Tour tournaments, overall.