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Handling the 2020 Covid-19 World pandemic brought exhaustion and burnout
upon healthcare workers in the frontline.


In 2019, we launched a digital campaign to recognize and support Auxilio Mutuo's
personnel working shifts during Christmas and throughout the holiday season. As the
pandemic took over just a few months later, the campaign took a whole new approach
and meaning. We re-launched the effort requesting that people send personal
messages thanking frontline workers risking their lives to save others.

Eight months into the pandemic, with no end in sight, and with the Holiday season fast
approaching, we decided to give the campaign a twist and thank our personnel. We
refocused the project and invited schools (students) from all around the island to show
support by submitting thank you cards aimed at healthcare professionals, and have
them ready by Thanksgiving week.

Thank you cards submitted to our project Results

This three part campaign celebrated Hospital personnel that worked during the Holiday
season, the ones in the frontlines saving lives during the pandemic, and those who after
a whole year were still battling a deadly disease. This resulted in an enormous show of
support for a team that deeply needed it. A beautiful exhibit was set up in different
spaces at the Hospital and at, to share with our 3,000+ employees.

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Thank you cards from children