Originally known (very well known) as Los Cidrines, this famous local bakery planned an
expansion to Condado, San Juan’s main tourist area. The original brand was dated, and the
location called for a contemporary image that would speak to people from all over the world,
and those from this upscale neighborhood. The biggest challenge: owner Mateo Cidre. With
a brand created by his father 40 years earlier, he was loyal to the legacy and equity of the
Cidrines brand.


Balancing the emotional attachment and equity of the Los Cidrines brand with the need to
evolve to a newer brand was our main challenge. We banked on one of the bakery’s
signature products: Pan Sobao. Thus, the SOBAO name was born. And it had a last name, a
seal of approval: by Los Cidrines. With Mateo on board, we launched a new and upgraded
brand that became an instant favorite.


A new name and design trickled down into packaging, and an overall feel for SOBAO. From
Condado, owners took the brand to its original locations- with loyal customers of +40 years-
and they welcomed it with open arms. Today SOBAO is not only a strong brand, but also a
landmark and favorite spot for people in each of every one of its locations.